Corporate Social Responsibility

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ZOEVA is committed to making the world a more beautiful place through our products, ourpeople,and our philanthropic approach.We feel the need to act responsibly and build asustainable company on an ethical,fair,and trusting basis without compromise. Respect andopenness in our daily work are the guiding principles for our interactions with each otherand with customers and suppliers.
Support women in need
Social Responsibility
Support women in need – DKMS Life and Caritas Frankfurt

As a company and a community, we are committed to supporting women everywhere who endeavor to put their personal struggles and challenges behind them. Our efforts go beyond helping women feel confident by partnering with charitable organizations such as DK MS LIFE and Caritas Frankfurt, that support women in facing domestic abuse, cancer, or homelessness.

We continue to champion women and gain inspiration from their grace and courage in the face of their struggle. Learning to celebrate the true, authentic you is a beautiful process we hope to be a part of.
Our product claim for all future products:
vegan, clean, innovative.
Don't just strive to be successful, strive to be valuable! We strive for excellence, for perf ection in quality and in service: Innovative products and the highest quality standards combined with exceptional and contemporary design are the foundations for our successful growth. All our ZOEVA makeup brushes are traditionally handmade in China and go through a process of over 30 individual steps. The wood of the brush handle originates 100% from sustainable forestry. The oil - based varnish is applied in six thin layers making the real wood handle more resistant to external factors, such as humidity in the bathroom. All materials used in the manufacturing of the brushes are vegan. In addition, the materials undergo tests to ensure no harmful ingredients or metals are used in production.
Since July 2022 and the launch of our Black Edition, ZOEVA has been exclusively offering vegan brushes, after developing our own individual and innovative manufacturing technique. Our promise to our customers is to continue our sustainability journey by going a 100% vegan with all our future product launches and continuing sourcing FSC certified paperboxes. In addition, ZOEVA carries a wide range of high-quality decorative cosmetic products for limitless makeup looks and soothing skincare for all skin types, partly produced in Europe which means the production of our products does not undergo any animal testing. The production sites undergo regular inspections of the applicable working conditions to ensure the well-being of employees in the workplace
Get to know some of our favorite ingredients:
Rosehip Oil
Rosehip Oil
Rosehip oil is a dry oil which incorporates a lots of antioxidant vitamins and provides a radiant glow to the skin. It contains unsaturated omega-3 fatty acid and tends to reduce skin pigmentation, as well as retaining the moisture of the skin. (Discover our ZOEVA Authentik Skin Foundation, ZOEVA Authentik Skin Perfector Concealer and ZOEVA Authentik Skin Finishing Powder)
Green Tea Extract
Green Tea Extract
Green tea extract has excellent antioxidant properties and minimizes signs of aging. When applied to the skin, green tea extract can help treat a variety of skin concerns and has been shown to benefit the skin by providing conditioning effects. (Discover our ZOEVA masks)
Squalane can be sourced from either animals or vegetable oils - we as ZOEVA guarantee to use 100% vegetable squalane. In the long term, squalane preserves easily moisture and reduces water loss from the skin since it can be found in the human sebum. This leads to a fresher looking skin, natural glow and reduces fine lines and dry spots. (Discover our ZOEVA Together We Shine and Together We Grow Face Palette)