Our Values


As a creative, dynamic and international company our customer is always the center of attention determining our thinking and actions. 

ZOEVA is continuously growing and steadily conquers international markets. Our constant growth is built on our philosophy, innovative products and high quality standards – all combined with a sleek modern design.

Further expansions allow our employees to constantly grow and develop professionally as well as personally together with the company.
Eyeshadow Palette

ZOEVA’s working culture

Dedicated employees are the key to our huge success and strong growth.
At ZOEVA it is up to each employee, who brings in their passion for makeup and design and their expertise, to develop new ideas and to put a smile on our customers’ faces.

Our goal is to provide a base for defined structures and a space for ideas and future prospects – so our employees can unfold their skills and talents.

Teamwork and mutual support is as important to us as the sense of responsibility of our employees.

Our daily work is shaped by trust, loyalty and respect for each other.


ZOEVA is dedicated to the self-confidence and unique beauty of all women:
“Makeup can be a powerful tool to help women feel more confident. And a strong, confident woman is a source of enrichment for all of us”, says CEO & Founder, Zoe Boikou.

With our company and products, we want to make a contribution to help women in need. It is our highest ambition to strengthen their self-esteem and make them aware of their individual beauty. For that very reason we especially support women suffering from domestic abuse or the consequences of cancer.